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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Lefts master-slave dichotomy view of human relationships

[AL note: Will tidy this up when I get a chance]

People like Jordan Carter, and the troll OHenry who recently appeared on Hides blog, remind me of the lefts weird obsession with the master-slave dichotomy explanation of human relationships.

Here is what I posted on OHenry in this Hidesight thread:
'Unlike some I don’t need to win an argument on a blog to feel good about myself' -->> OHenry is only embarrassing itself by continuing to post here.

“And just like an adolescent, we expect the USA to tolerate our public stupidities, such as Goff holding Arafats hand…” That’s the sort of thing I was talking about. -->> OHenry is confused - it must post its own ideas, otherwise readers will think it doesn't know what it is talking about.

Do you suggest that every time one of our politicians or diplomats does anything overseas or here in NZ that the first things they should consider is how it will look in Washington? -->> OHenry thinks our politicians should consider what our actions look like to terrorist groups such as the PLO and Hamas, and ignore what Washington and our other allies think.

That sounds like the relationship of a whipped dog and its master. How sad your view of New Zealand is. -->> OHenry thinks political relationships are 'power relationships', and confuses our voluntary support for allies as some sort of slave-master relationship. This attitude is generally found in people with a disturbing proclivity for assigning the Government more power over individuals, because they think this 'power imbalance' must be corrected at all costs. In OHenry's mind, the correct role of Government is to empower the weaker 'slave' power group (the lefties, the poor etc) and depower the stronger 'master' power group (the righties, businessmen, capitalists, etc).

Conclusion: No manner of evidence or rational argument will satisfy OHenrys apetite for conflict with people it already hates, because it has assigned them to the dominant power group (righties, capitalists etc). OHenry is so blinded by its ideology of master-slave, that all accumulated evidence showing stable capitalist economies generate enormous wealth for all citizens is ignored as 'master' propaganda.

The nature of OHenry's arguments suggests it is a younger male, possibly without a long-term mate. This particular demographic group has little to lose by openly professing strong ideological leanings as it has no mate to provide for in the long term, and its strong beliefs (unsupported by empirical evidence) can even be attractive to those females who desire a tendency towards blind obedience from their potential mates. The 'mate' will most probably be a cynical beast, willing to invest much short-term energy in convincing OHenry his (meaning her) best interests lie in pretending to convert to the 'master' side, thus OHenry will become a partial conservative admitteable to the ranks of wealthy capitalists. The rest of OHenry's life will be spent shrilly supporting fringe leftie ideas, as a way of intellectually avoiding the contradiction between his capitalist life-style and his master-slave ideology.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur | 3/27/2005 04:20:00 PM