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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Goon Baiting

What great sport it is, taking pot shots at highly educated, po-faced, pontificating fools whose real world experience comprises kindergarten, school, university and Labour or Greens party membership. Ridicule and arrogance are their Achilles heels. They just can’t bear the thought that maybe a bus driver or a plumber with truckloads of common sense might bring with him more real value than a dilettante doctorate.

During World War II, in order to deal with boredom, allied POW’s in Germany developed the practice of Goon Baiting. Essentially this consisted of harassing, teasing and generally taking the piss out of the German prison guards, most of whom were pretty thick by all accounts. The modern day version is the wonderful sport of Leftie Baiting.

Thus it was with joy and celebration I saw comments on my very first ever attempt at blog posting – the pseudo science of global warming and its proponents who have conned that fast diminishing part of the world still run by Lefties.

Yesterday I drew my first blood from some fellow called “Idiot” on NRT who in true Leftie form attacked the messenger for allegedly displaying “A shameful level of scientific illiteracy.” ( Now let's think carefully about his command of language - I wonder what level of scientific illiteracy he considers is NOT shameful.) Reminded me of the primary school playground – Nya Nya Ya Nya Nya, my degree’s better than yours! Poobah Poobah Poobah Yaaboo Yaaboo Yaaboo!!!!!!!.

Luckily, Lemur came to the rescue in the nick of time and saved me from my worthless Agricultural Commerce Rural Valuation major by swatting the opposition away with his fair dinkum pure science degrees.

I graduated in 1969 and I don’t know how old this Idiot is but in my experience, an ounce of common sense is worth a pound of the flawed science I’ve seen recently promoted by the denizens of the Left. Since 1970, I have seen at first hand, examples of highly qualified so called scientists and academics who had vested interests in particular results and carefully managed to skew research data to produce the desired result. One of the techniques is to regard as a “statistical anomaly” any data not pointing to the desired result. Yes, I will be berated about the value of peer review and all that but the fact remains I have seen these people in action, in New Zealand and Australia. It seems they find a comfortable home with the Left.

Of course, for every charlatan there are dozens of competent and honest scientists. It's just that the Lefties seem to go for the shonky ones.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 3/29/2005 09:26:00 AM


Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Agricultural Commerce Rural Valuation?

3/29/2005 01:55:00 PM  

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