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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another Nitwit Network

Fascinating story emerging on Powerline. ABC appears to have been conned by the Dems into reporting a scurrilous GOP memo exhorting Republicans to capitalise on the awful and tragic case of the lady deprived of sustenance while in a coma,o, allegedly to enhance voter turn out at the next elections. Petty gruesome, eh? Trouble is, Powerline and other blogs have quickly shown the so called memo to be a fake, foisted onto ABC by some smart arse Dems. And ABC fell for it. Didn't even bother to check with a few Republican senators and congressmen. Would have taken only ten minutes on the phone.

Bad enough that the dumb Dems don't learn but it is beyond belief that a major network could be so slack, so soon after the demise or Rather and Eason. Bloggers have struck again. Just like the RAF Swordfish torpedo bombers which mortally damaged the mighty Bismark. The big guns could not depress sufficiently to hit the slow little biplanes. The Major networks just haven't learnt that their big guns don't work any more against the hordes of little bloggers.

I think NZ journos are just as dumb as Yankee journos so I am looking forward to our first experience of these antics in NZ. If the race gets tight during the later stages of the election, I expect we might see a little sport . Will Campbell get himself into the soup? Will the PM's morning radio female Piranha take the bait? Who will be the first blogger to bag one of them?

Pity the trophy's will be so ugly.

Posted by Adolf Fiinkensein | 3/24/2005 02:39:00 PM