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Monday, January 10, 2005

Russell Brown a Greater Threat Than Terrorism

Trawling through an old Listener, one spots Russell Brown scolding Newstalk ZB's Leighton Smith for getting his facts wrong on climate change:
When he was brought here for a week by the Business Roundtable, the Swedish statistician Bjorn Lomborg probably received more media coverage than all other climate scientists combined in the past few years.

One media encounter โ€“ Lomborg's interview with Newstalk ZB's Leighton Smith โ€“ particularly stands out. Smith promised his listeners that his guest would bear out his own repeated dismissals of global warming. He didn't โ€“ Lomborg does believe that climate change is a problem, and that it is our fault, but thinks it is currently too hard for us to productively address, and said so to Smith. But no matter. After the interview, Smith was back to regale his listeners. "See?" he said. "I told you there was no such thing as global warming."
But will he be consistent and rebuke his own editor, Pamela Stirling, whose editorial that same issue regurgitates this myth, debunked more than a year ago by Tim Blair and others?
The Pentagon believes that global warming is a more serious threat than terrorism.
Of course he won't: He's mentioned it himself, in his Hard to believe News blog:
And if a secret report for the Pentagon says climate change is a matter for utmost alarm, does that change anything?
The report was not secret, and makes no such conclusion.

What a hypocrite.

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