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Monday, January 10, 2005

Fact-Checking Russell Brown

Almost every post from Russell's Hard News goes something like this: Bla bla bla National Party/Auckland City Council bad bla bla bla America bad. For example, this post, where we find that America's great evils include letting Oklahoma women only breastfeed in a "discreet and modest" way in public. Also buried in that post is this:
The other poll is the latest from the Pew surveys, which indicates that the American leadership's progressive loss of hearts and minds virtually everywhere else in the world is continuing. Worringly, support for the war on terror appears to be ebbing everywhere.
Pity Russell didn't read past the second paragraph, which says the exact opposite:
In the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed, anger toward the United States remains pervasive, although the level of hatred has eased somewhat and support for the war on terrorism has inched up.

This is expanded on in the additional findings section, with a supporting chart of data:
Majorities in the Muslim nations surveyed hold negative views of the United States, though opinion has softened. In all four of these nations, fewer respondents hold very unfavorable opinions of the U.S. now than did so last year. For example, 45% in Turkey now hold a very unfavorable opinion of the U.S., down from 68% last May. There have been comparable declines in intense dislike of the U.S. in Pakistan and Jordan. Strong dislike of the U.S. moderated in Morocco as well, though not as much as in the other Muslim nations surveyed.
Only three of the eight countries in the chart had their "favourable" percentage decrease (UK, Frogs, Krauts). Hardly indicative of a "virtually everywhere in the world" sort of trend.

Maybe Mr Mediawatch should start watching the the media he links to himself a bit more closely.

UPDATE: Seems Russell has been pinching material from Josh Marshall, who made exactly the same mistaken conclusion.
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Posted by RightWingDeathBeast | 1/10/2005 02:00:00 PM


Blogger Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, No!!! Not PLAGIARISM too? Did he get his diploma at Manukau Polytech?

10/23/2005 04:42:00 PM  

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