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Monday, January 10, 2005

Do as I say, not as I do

Russell Brown notes:
As I've noted before, Clark is perennially more likely to be hung for what she says than what she does.
How terribly shallow and unfair of everyone. But does Russell himself judge people on what they do, or what they say? Well it scandalously appears that every sentence in his long rant on National MPs (from the same post) mentions things they said, rather than what they did:
Don Brash's flimsy grasp of Parliamentary craft was indicated when he gave everyone a right old laugh by first muffing a motion of no confidence and then asking perhaps the ultimate stupid question immediately afterwards:
So it was most unfortunate that Dr Brash's first formal question of the day, right after the vote, was: "Can the prime minister confirm that her Government still enjoys the support of a majority of members . . .?"

Ministers laughed so hard that some seemed about to cough up vital organs. They got another laugh when, minutes later, after a second question from Dr Brash, the entire Opposition lost the plot and forgot to keep asking supplementary questions in support of their leader, leaving the country's most preferred PM looking like a startled rabbit.
National also made a dog's breakfast out of its review of policy on nuclear ship visits, which, oddly proposed that the law be replaced by a "polcy ban" which we would then hope the US would respect of its own free will. Then Brash was forced to declare that he could not confirm or deny - or could not remember - that he had told visiting US officials that "If National was the government, we'd repeal the ban by lunchtime." He then went on to describe himself as a "peacenik" and said he personally opposed nuclear ship visits.

Then he was obliged to condemn a speech made last week by his defence spokesman and cabinet No.3 Simon Power, to a party conference, in which Power said National would join its allies in war "wheresover our commitment is called upon" - ie, jump when told to jump:
"It is absolutely not National Party policy," a miffed Dr Brash told The Dominion Post yesterday. "(No) New Zealand government would ever surrender the sovereign right to decide when New Zealand troops go to war."

Amid world-wide revulsion at horrific pictures of allied abuse of Iraqi prisoners, Dr Brash has also suggested his party's support for sending fighting troops to Iraq might have been a mistake.

"At the time I happily went along with caucus' position, which was one of supporting our sending troops to Iraq.

"The present situation looks an absolute mess."
Moral of the story: It is OK to make soundbite criticisms of National, because they want to send our troops to kill Iraqi babies for a free trade agreement and steal foreshore rights from Maori. But it's not fair to make soundbite criticisms of Labour, because whatever she said, Helen means well.
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