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Monday, January 10, 2005


It seems that if you express an opinion that the MediaWatch Committee of Approved Thoughts disagrees with, that's bias. So says Tom Frewen in a piece called Bias always leads away from the truth.

For a better example of bias than some talkback host daring to put forward a dissenting opinion, he should just read the weblog of his comrade Russell. David Farrar touched on this briefly, but PNN will record the full scandal here for the sake of posterity. Look at these two excerpts from Hard News:

Labour MP insults National MP, in totally unprevoked fashion:
In more Parliamentary silliness, Katherine Rich is demanding that Ruth Dyson resign as a minister, after Dyson, under her breath, called her an "irresponsible tart" in a select committee meeting. Rich didn't hear the comment. No one did, until it turned up later on a media recording, and even then, when it was played on the radio this morning, I confess I couldn't really hear it. But then, I was eating toasted muesli, and that can make a fairly loud crunch.

Dyson, clearly, ought not have vocalised such a thing, even for her own consumption. She should probably make a more gracious apology than the one she has already made. And Katherine Rich and Muriel Newman should probably get a life.
National MP asks if it might be acceptable to insult Labour MP, after Labour MP repeatedly insults National MP:
Oh great. The first day back in Parliament and the National Party's new Maori Affairs spokesperson asks if he can call a Maori MP a "black fella". Ever get the feeling your country is being flushed down the toilet?

Gerry Brownlee has, of course, apologised, as has his party leader (although Brash's apology in an interview with Linda Clark this morning was so qualified and full of pleading for his own hurt feelings that it barely counted) but he knows damn well that, especially in the current climate, referring to someone as "the big fella", as John Tamihere did (it sounds almost chummy in the audio clip) is a world away from referring to a Maori MP as a "black fella". It was a sad example of how debased and stupid this so-called debate has become. Presumably, it'll get worse yet.
Spot the difference. Why the double standard? Is Brownie saying that being black is more shameful than being a hooker? That women should be held to lower standards than men, because, y'know, chicks get so moody? Or is he just a rabidly partisan Labour party tool? Who knows?

Posted by RightWingDeathBeast | 1/10/2005 03:00:00 PM